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Lesson # 7 - Successful Delivery of Project to Client

And this time: tips for successful project delivery

Successfully complete a construction project


After completing the consideration with the contractors, we reached the final stage of the project - handing over the key to the client. And that is exactly the stage, despite the eagerness to get into the new structure and enjoy the smell of the fresh color, to do things properly, to avoid future misery.

True, at this stage everyone is already tired and "want to go home", but this is the time when the project manager needs to find leadership, make sure that they go smoothly in front of the consultants and contractors, collect all the relevant forms and paperwork and submit them neatly.

End of process

The following steps are intended to complete the delivery process in full, addressing the deficiencies discovered during the last inspection process.

Invitation to deliver

First delivery

Devotion in the process

Final delivery

Execution of Evidence Plan - (As Made)

Produce programs that reflect actual execution. Testing the actual performance versus the design: It is advisable to paste a page on the door of each room where each of the consultants writes their comments and deficiencies to be repaired. After the defects have been repaired and approved by the consultants and the supervisor, a set of updated plans of the project will be produced.


Transfer of a facility file to the home father and / or the maintenance department

Arranged preparation for the operation and maintenance of each part of the structure including warranty certificates, manuals for accessories and facilities, important phones, etc.

Issue a letter to the beginning of the warranty period to the contractor

Checked patches

Yaron Ben-Menashe and Eli Gottlieb

Maof Engineers Ltd

Labeling form submissions work - Construction Contractor and Main Message

Work Delivery Labeling Form - Construction Contractor and Head

Job completion certificate form

We remembered a beautiful sentence

"Every great craft has its joy of disintegration and sorrow of emptiness"

(John Tversky)

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