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Why work with Maof?

It turns out that you can complete a project in the construction industry and enjoy the work

Without worry, without getting dirty and without smiling

Maof Engineers specializes in the management, coordination and supervision of projects in the construction and infrastructure industry. For you, it means always keeping up with the times and budgets, getting regular reports, presenting the most organized and clear reports, and especially enjoying the work quietly.

How It Works?

We apply the world's leading project management FBC ( Faster, Better, Cheaper ) method to deliver these results in every project, from characterization to completion.

Better - first-class management quality

All company employees made their first steps in performing field work with contractors and gained real practical knowledge.

Company executives have multidisciplinary knowledge, comprehensive vision, and in-depth understanding of civil engineering, including appraisal, arbitration, and mediation. These skills allow us to successfully manage any complex process that involves overseeing suppliers from different fields.

Take personal responsibility for each project and be fully involved in every detail and every step.

Project management and control is done using advanced computer software and unique user interfaces.

Meet the requirements of the International Quality Standard 9001: 2000 ISO and the Israeli Standards Institute.

The quality of planning, coordination and supervision is the highest in the country for large, special and complex projects.

Maof, Project Managing, Project Manager professional, Israel Construction company, managment quality
Construction Workers

Faster - the key to fast results

Without any internal corporate bureaucracy, we are able to act efficiently and respond quickly to any scenario, anytime, anywhere. 

Strive for initiative, original thinking, and creative creative design for any problem, barrier or glitch. 

Special expertise in completing "commando" projects that must be completed at impossible times.

Cheaper - Save time, money and resources

The systematic and thorough work process, and the personal involvement in each step ensures considerable savings in every aspect of the project. 

The experience we have gained and the expertise we have developed enable us to handle multi-system projects with a high level of complexity. 

They are committed to delivering the best economic result, and delivering the highest possible result in a given budget.

Pre-Construction Consultation

Our clients

We would be happy to answer any questions. Contact us to make an appointment

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