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Lesson # 1 - Project Characterization - Program

And this time: tips for successful characterization of the project

Successfully complete a construction project


Today we begin the "Do's and Don'ts" series of proven tips and practical tips for successfully managing each construction project.

Let's start at the beginning…

The characterization phase (or program phase) is the first and most critical phase of any construction project where the project initiator defines the needs.
At the end of the characterization phase, a document will be provided describing the various spaces in their future structure and uses, system requirements from each space, the number of people, the amount and nature of the equipment that should occupy each space, the interplay between the spaces and more.

Why critical? - Because the project is designed on the basis of the characterization and in case the characterization is inaccurate / unclear / partial, it invites inaccurate / unclear / partial planning , and the end result will not meet the client's requirements.

milestones: In order to minimize the gap between the characterization and the final result, it is highly recommended that the property approves at least two final planning and detailed planning.

We have included two examples that will illustrate the level of detail required for characterization.

Don't give up on a project manager

Already in the characterization stage, it is highly recommended to add a project manager. A professional project manager will take responsibility from the first step and make sure to close all the ends from the beginning, leaving no gap for the uncertainties that will be exploited later.

adult-architect-blueprint-416405 (1).jpg

It is important to understand

Uncertainty or lack of clarity of a consultant (architect, constructor, electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, communication and more) regarding his role will certainly increase the costs of the project.

Therefore, defining the project in the most detailed way possible, already in the characterization phase, will ensure the completion of the project within the specified budget and schedules.

This is how it looks

A sample program awaits you below.

Yaron Ben-Menashe and Eli Gottlieb

Maof Engineers Ltd.

A production plant program - another alternative

Program for the establishment of a manufacturing plant

We remembered a beautiful sentence

"We can't solve problems with the same way of thinking we used when creating them." 

~ Albert Einstein

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