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Lesson # 4 - Effective Control

And this time: Effective control tips

Successfully complete a construction project

The control system is designed to ensure complete control over all stages of the project from the design and planning phase, through the distribution of tenders to contractors, through to the execution and testing stages.

Effective control

Each effective control mechanism underpins a computerized management system that allows all parties involved in the project (entrepreneur, project manager, consultants, contractors and copy institutes) to upload information, communicate and view all information gained (according to a pre-determined system of privileges) on one central platform.

This allows the project manager and the team at any time to monitor and control the progress of each part of the project, avoiding contradictions and misunderstandings.

In addition, we recommend dividing each project into 10 milestones that include clear goals and schedules. Approval for milestone change will only be given by the most senior level of the organization.

One of the important advantages of a control system is the preservation of all project documents in a computerized manner, including out-of-date versions of the project (computer archive).

An important tip

Make sure (and do not give up) that the project manager uses a central desktop management system such as view @ or

Control Enhancement Forms

Another tool to improve the effectiveness of the control mechanism is the use of dedicated forms throughout the project.

Below you can find internal forms of Engineers Flight for illustration purposes:

Yaron Ben-Menashe and Eli Gottlieb

Maof Engineers Ltd.

A production plant program - another alternative

Program for the establishment of a manufacturing plant

We remembered a beautiful sentence

"Leave one day two days will leave you"

(Pirkei Avot)

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