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Lesson # 5 - Successful Execution

And this time: Tips for successful execution

Successfully complete a construction project


The first stages of the construction project that dealt with the previous messages, characterization, selection of consultants, tender preparation, contractor selection and of course the control mechanism - all lead to one goal: the execution of the program for which we convened.

Of course, as in any construction process, as healthy foundations, deeper and more stable the more likely that the final product (quality, budget and schedules) will be better.

Proven tips for successful execution

Choosing a suitable contractor for work - not necessarily the biggest or the most experienced or the cheapest. The emphasis is on the most appropriate. The contractor's suitability can be expressed in his managerial ability, his availability, his integrity (yes, there are some ...), his professionalism and other parameters relevant to the specific situation.

Iron "meeting"

There is a regular meeting once a week, usually at the construction site where the project status will be discussed in relation to the schedule and the budget, and unexpected difficulties and events will be raised that will provide them with such meetings. These meetings usually involve the project manager, the contractor, the supervisor and the relevant consultants.

The building inspector is a reliable and experienced person whose job is to coordinate the various arms related to the project and to constantly work on the plans and specifications, in accordance with the standard and according to the rules of the profession. As part of his job, he will take care and comply with the schedule and budgets.


Do not start work without signing the contractor 

On construction activities as required by the authorities. If anything happens during the works, without the contractor's signature, the project commissioner will be personally liable for any damage caused

An orderly site opening procedure must be followed: attachment form below.

Keep a tidy work journal  and make sure your representative (project manager / supervisor) signs it daily. According to the ruling, showing progress in a project without daily logging in a work log will be considered a negligent misrepresentation

Ensure the lack of underground infrastructure  in the workplace. - Disconnecting a lightning cable, for example, will open a criminal case against you.

This is how it looks

The following forms can be viewed, for example, below:

Construction site opening form

Notice of construction operations

start work order


Yaron Ben-Menashe and Eli Gottlieb

Moaf Engineers Ltd.

Work log form

The opening of a procedure - a message

Foreman's appointment form

Website opening procedure

start work order

We remembered a beautiful sentence

"The world is divided into two: those who believe in the unbelievable, and those who do the impossible"

(Oscar Wilde‏)

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