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Lesson # 2 - Successful coordination, planning and selection

And this time: tips for successful consultation, planning and selection of consultants

Successfully complete a construction project


after the characterization phase where we combined an experienced project manager and approved a project program,

The second stage comes

Integration of consultants in the design and preparation of the plans for tender contractors.

The first step is choosing the consultants to integrate into the project: architect, constructor, electrical consultant, air conditioning consultant, plumbing consultant, safety consultant, firefighter, shielding consultant, acoustics consultant, foundation consultant, communication consultant and more according to project requirements. That requires adaptation of the project consultant since there are specialties, for example a consultant (architect \ INS / electricity) for nursing homes is a consultant with a specialty, the project manager should know the variety of consultants and their specialties and know who to propose for the project.

At the same time as the consultants' choice, a process of planning will begin by the architect and, after a consultation with the consultants, the early planning and adaptation of the systems will begin for the program and the architectural design. This stage is an iterative phase managed by the project manager and during several meetings the project plans for the tender are formed. During the planning, issues will be raised, changes will be created as a result of coordination between the different systems and their adaptation to the architectural plan layout.

What is important to pay attention to

Choose appropriate consultants

Consultant work is usually defined in the program. As you have seen many consultants involved in every project. Since not every consultant is suitable for every project, it is the responsibility of the project manager to review and recommend the best consultant team for the current project type.


Coordinate all consultants

Planning Generic or negligence among all the consultants will make an unnecessary expense. It is advisable at this stage to define each consultant's own sector.

Make sure the consultants are on the program

In the absence of an orderly program or strict control over their proposals, consultants should never suggest a solution that does not take into account budget and time constraints. The result: high costs above and beyond what is required.


Stop at the end of the final planning and confirm with the commissioner


Sometimes there is a tendency to get carried away with the process and then come to the end and find that the design we came up with did not exactly fit the needs of the client or the program. Therefore, it is very important to stop when you arrive at final planning, and present the planning, including an up-to-date estimate and obtain approval for the continuation of the process - for the detailed planning.

This is how it looks

A list of contacts in the project (including consultants, the contractor, the project manager, the contractor's name (will be selected later) - for example, is waiting for you below.

An example of an appendix "Work Content with an electrical consultant" is waiting for you below.

Yaron Ben-Menashe and Eli Gottlieb

Maof Engineers Ltd.

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Contact page for the project

Appendix Terms of Contract with Electrical Consultant

We remembered a beautiful sentence

"To know the way before you asked the returners"

(Chinese proverb, how not)

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