We accompany you through out the life of the project

Accompanied by you throughout the life of the project Initiation - planning - execution, completion and control of all stages

What we offer

Top-level planning coordination

Many years of experience in large systems in planning coordination

Contract Review

Arbitration Appraisal, Mediation

Eli Gottlieb is a real estate appraiser. So for a project, we refer to the appraisers of project

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Construction consulting

Professional construction consulting with many years of accumulated experience


Close supervision of projects in construction and infrastructure

Construction and Infrastructure Supervision

Giving a Presentation

Project management

Professional management of construction and infrastructure projects

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Building Preservation

Experience in a large number of historic buildings



The field of infrastructure in flight

Building Preservation

Experience in multiple buildings for conservation

Residential Projects

The next level in residential construction



Take the idea that will give you

Looking for a top-notch business plan consultant

Eli Gottlieb

Manhattan and Appraiser -

Over 25 years of experience

Yaron Ben Menashe


Why work with Maof?

Maof Engineers specializes in the management, coordination and supervision of projects in the construction and infrastructure industry. For you, it means always keeping up with the times and budgets, getting regular reports, presenting the most organized and clear reports, and especially enjoying the work quietly.


Our belief is that the client needs peace of mind and financial during the project. Our job is to give this peace

Some of our work

Here is a list of some of our customers

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What we offer

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